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Support for the OpenVnmrJ Community

Open VnmrJ Solutions LLC (Dan Iverson) and Chempacker LLC (Krish Krishnamurthy) together announce the launch of a collaborative new program to support and develop OpenVnmrJ code.
• The support program will begin effective July 01, 2017 and the annual support cycle will be effective through June 30, 2018. Use the adjacent form to join one of the sponsor groups. The
next open signup period will be in Nov/Dec 2017 and a 2nd (staggered) annual cycle will begin in Jan 2018.
• You are welcome to join the sponsorship program at any time. Those who join in the middle of a cycle will join the current cycle and their sponsorship cost will be prorated.
• The plan is to develop new software/applications features and provide rapid bug fixes to users of Varian and Agilent NMR spectrometers. Our intent is to continue future developments of VnmrJ tools, such as chempack, biopack, CRAFT, etc. using OpenVnmrJ platform.
• The intent is not to build a service organization or a call center, but to provide support through innovation and development.
• We will also continue to support users through the SpinSights forum.
• Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers of sponsorship are available. (20% discount for academic sponsors). See the Sponsorships page for details.

We hope you will recognize the value of these collaborators’ past, sustained contributions to the Varian and Agilent NMR community and will support this endeavor. Besides this joint collaborative program, we continue to solicit and offer custom development and/or support projects. See the Projects page for details.